SIR112 is an app for mobiles and tablets that geolocates heart attacksand automatically sends a healthcare professional and a defibrillator to the emergency place. We reduce the time of the first sanitary response to 3 minutes since the alarm voice is activated.

When the SIR user calls 112 through our app, the software geolocates the call and starts analyzing the call and any sound in the environment using artificial intelligence. Thus it detects if the cause of said call is a heart attack.

When the system detects the infarction, the Rapid Intervention System is activated. This system consists of bringing together a healthcare professional and a defibrillator in the victim’s location. In this way the victim will be treated while the 112 ambulance is on its way.

Another way to activate the Rapid Intervention System is by installing the app on any smartwatch that is capable of obtaining an electrocardiogram. The activation will be fully automatic in case of detecting anomalies in it. The user will have the heart connected directly to the emergency system.

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